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About FVEE

The German Renewable Energy Research Association (FVEE - ForschungsVerbund Erneuerbare Energien = FVEE) forms a nationwide cooperation structure of institutes researching and developing technologies for renewables, energy efficiency, energy storage and optimized technical and socio-economic interaction of all system components.
The FVEE aims to transform the energy supply to a sustainable energy system.
Today, the FVEE represents about 80 % of Germany´s non-university research capacity for renewables and constitutes the largest network of experts in the field of renewables in Europe.

This brochure informs on the strategic aims and fields of research of FVEE. It also offers data to contact the FVEE experts.

  • Latest German version: "Forschungsziele 2014" (Programmbroschüre des FVEE)

  • English version (2008): "Research Objectives"

Research Fields

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